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Pacific Rim: Chaotic Skies 

So here is the page for the Chaotic Skies storyline. It is a sideblog of this one. I haven’t finished it yet, so it’s still under construction, but hopefully it should be up and running within the next few days (school work and just life in general permitting).

Alright! The new main page theme is finished. I think this will be a lot easier for people to navigate and it actually shows full posts.

Also I will be redoing the blog’s main theme mostly because how it looks now is fine, but very hard to navigate and looking at full posts from the blog is impossible. So that should be done within the week between homework, school, and leisurely time.

Sorry for the disappearance guys. Just started back to school which also meant a move. So I will be getting to work on the side blog for Chaotic Skies and hopefully get this show on the road. Just remember if you wanna be on the list just send a message with your character’s name and what their job in the PPDC is, also message if you’d like to be a part of Chaotic Skies.

Okay guys, I am so sorry that I’ve been neglecting this blog as well as the Chaotic Skies stuff. I promise I will really make an effort to get shit in order for all of that and I just ask that everyone be patient with me and stick with me through this cause off the computer I do actually have a lot going on and so sometimes I just wanna be lazy and shirk my responsibilities with these kinds of things. So I promise I’m gonna be more on the up and up. Thanks guys!

Hello there everyone! I’m back home from Dragon*Con and I can safely say I survived yet another year! Tomorrow I’ll be putting my nose to the grindstone and finishing up that side blog for Chaotic Skies and what not. I may also try and pump out a prompt for all those in the storyline to get the ball rolling!

Alright guys, I will mobile for a good portion of the day as I have a four hour drive to ATL to the school I will be attending in January to register for the quarter. Then I will be in ATL from today all the way to Tuesday the 3rd of September. I will be on sporadically for the next two days, but mostly this is crunch time to finish up the last minute costume pieces. Like at most I will be uploading pictures of any awesome things I see (aka if I see any Pacific Rim cosplayers).

If any of my followers are attending Dragon*Con, message me cause I’d love to meet you!

friendsbrotherslovers-deactivat asked: Well thank you very much for that. When the dates come around I'll only blog Pacific Rim things. Thank you thank you thank you~ I'll be a Hermann then :)

Alright you have been marked for Hermann and will be added once I have the page up and running.


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